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BS Exercise Science University of Kentucky NASM CPT AFPA Nutrition Coach of Built By Bedson LLC Full Service Coach -General Nutrition -Bodybuilding -MMA(Nutrition Only) -Powerlifting(Nutrition Only) -Strongman(Nutrition Only -Multiple Overall Winners Nationwide, National Level Competitors, Regional.

Bachelor of Science in Biology/Chemistry; Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology; Masters in Education with concentration in Health/Wellness Board Certified by the American College of Anti-Aging Sports Medicine Professionals

Former Division 1 Athlete Former professional athlete CSCS all-American

Creds Second line. third line. fourth line.

Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Owner of Linchpin Performance. Niche focus on rehabilitation for bodybuilders, first responders and high school athletes. Specialize in neck and shoulder diagnosis and treatment. Certifications in functional dry needling, cupping, joint manipulation, taping, IASTM. Currently a mobile service. Will meet you in your gym, home, or work.

Michelle Davis, 36 is a natural born athlete who started playing sports at age 11 and began lifting weights at age 15.

Michelle never stopped pursuing her career in Health and Fitness after losing her older sister Christine in 2017 to breast cancer.  Since then, Michelle has become an avid Personal Trainer/ Coach and a Fitness Influencer.  

Michelle also fell in love with Bodybuilding in 2017-2019 and has recently entered 8 NPC shows and winning 7 first places and 3 overall titles.

Michelle currently lives in Las Vegas, is an avid traveler promoting her MDFit fitness products, spokes-modeling for her sponsors or filming motivational content for her clients.   

Michelle loves working with her community and is always open to new sponsors wanting to work with her.  Please contact Michelle at (805) 748-5689 or email mdmdmdlove@yahoo.com


Certified Personal trainer with four+ years of training an array of diff body types of all levels and goals without any injuries and extremely high retention rates. 2019 Ky Muscle heavyweight novice 1st place, overall novice bodybuild, 1st place light heavy weight open men's bodybuild and 2nd place overall men's open bodybuilding. Currently enrolled in ISSA in the master trainer program.

Powerlifting/Strength coach. Competitive powerlifter since 2013. Top 20 All time total(2033) in the 220lb weight class. Been coached by multiple world renowned powerlifting coaches. Provide my clients with hand tailored coaching to suit their specific needs and weaknesses. Owner of BadDad Barbell located in Georgetown, KY. Online coaching also available via email.

Nine year Marine Veteran, while serving ran the physical fitness program for over 250 Marines. Been in the Fitness industry since 2012. Has worked as Personal Trainer, Group X instructor, Personal Training Director and competition prep coach. Competed in 6 State Level NPC shows, won class 7 times and 2 overalls. Placed 3rd, 4th, 9th and 15th at nationals. Main Focus is Classic Physique and Men's Physique

I am certified personal trainer and a fitness nutrition specialist. I have a Bachelors degree in Health Science. I am Natural Pro Bikini bodybuilder. I do online coaching as well as in person personal training. I can help people at any fitness level.

I've been putting winning physiques on Kentucky stages since 2004. My client roster includes multiple IFBB and NGA pros and national Top 5 placers, plus countless state-level Overall Champions and class winners in all of the physique sports. Beginners are welcome -- hire me and I promise your first contest experience will be fun and successful.

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