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Athlete - $12.00 (Annual)
Coach - $19.99 (Annual) + $5 (One time fee per Client)
Business Partner - $7.50 (Monthly)

All-In-One Fitness Web App designed for Bodybuilders and Fitness Enthusiasts alike!!

Bodybuilding-USA, LLC Vision & Mission

Athletes - To educate and empower individuals on how to be healthier and take control of their physique.
Coaches - To empower coaches with online digital tools that make them more efficient and productive at managing their fitness clients.
Business Partners - To build a community based network of Health & Wellness related businesses that enable people to better themselves mentally and physically.

Mission: To increase the health and wellness of the general population by making bodybuilding resources accessible and affordable to everyone. 

Bodybuilding Definition: Bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercise to control and develop one’s musculature for aesthetic purposes. An individual who engages in this activity is referred to as a bodybuilder. - wikipedia

Our Product: Fitness Web App designed for Athletes, Coaches and Trainers of all levels.

Mobile Web App Features

  • - Personalized Macro Calculator
  • - Macro Plan Generator
  • - Auto-Generated Meal Plans
  • - Grocery list Prep
  • - Supplement Directory
  • - Biometrics Tracking
  • - Custom Recipe Search KETO, GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN
  • - Daily Nutrition Logging
  • - Training Plans
  • - Nutrition Plans
  • - Contest Prep Logging
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Coach Your Clients Online and Digitize your coaching experience. Spend less time updating spreadsheets and emails and spend more time doing value add work.

Streamline all your word documents, spreadsheets, emails, and communications into a centralized tool accessible from anywhere anytime on your mobile device or PC.

Manage your clientele and their workouts online in the cloud. Streamline and automate the creation of client macro plans, meal plans, training plans, progress tracking, nutrition tracking, weight tracking and prep log notes.

Prep Planning

Automate the creation of your clients prep plan.
- Macro Plans
- Meal Plans
- Cardio Plans
- Workout Plans
- Prep Log Notes
- Biometric Tracking
- Progress Tracking
- System Generated Email Notifications

Workout Planning

Create your clients workout plan in free text format editable by you and your client. Fully customize each plan or copy and paste previously created plans.

Workout Logging

Log workouts to track progress and hold your clients accountable for adhering to their plan.

Cardio Logging

Create log entries for each of your cardio sessions.

Weight/Biometric Logging

Track your weight and bf% over time to visualize your progress towards your goals.

Client Dashboard

See all your client prep plans in one convenient location. Access your clients historical nutrition consumption data, workout logs and nutrition logs. Create prep log notes for historical record of conversations and plan modifications during checkins.

Client Engagement Score

Each client will be assigned an engagement score based on their level of daily activity in the app including nutrition tracking, workout logging, weight tracking.

Progress Tracking

Track nutrition consumption, workout logs, personal bio metrics to track progress over time and visualize your results.

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Macro Plan Calculator

Use the App to calculate target macros tailored to individuals demographic and biometric data.
Systematically create a Prep Plan for your client using the macro calculator results.

Meal Plan Generator

Create fully customizable meal plans from a pre-approved menu of food items for your carbs, fats, proteins, fruits/berries and veggies.
Use the app’s meal plan generator to systematically create a meal plan for you using the clients food option preferences.

Training Plans

IFBB Pro certified training plans for cutting and bulking available as part of your membership benefits.

Nutrition Framework

Nutrition framework list anti-inflammatory healthy foods available in the app. Learn what to eat and how much to eat to accomplish your health and fitness goals.

Nutrition Tracking

Create macro plans and meal plans snd track your clients nutrition consumption towards those macro goals. Dashboard metrics for tracking remaining calories and macros each day.

Recipe Lookups

Create macro plans and meal plans snd track your clients nutrition consumption towards those macro goals. Dashboard metrics for tracking remaining calories and macros each day.

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New User Setup Instructions for Athletes

  • Step: 1 - Register/Create Account
  • Step: 2 - Calculate Target Macros with the Macro Calculator
  • Step: 3 - Auto-Generate your Macro Plan with your Macro Calculator results
  • Step: 4 - Auto-Generate your Meal Plan with the Meal Plan Generator
  • Step: 5 - Log your nutrition consumption and have your macros auto-calculated or manually input your daily macro totals
    • Search recipes and log macros per serving
    • Log individual meal ingredients/food items
    • Log multiple food items at once per meal
  • Step: 6 - Visualize and track your plan progress with rich Visualization Charts
  • Step: 7 - Reap the GAINZ!

Business Partners

Are you a business that strives to build a better and healthier community?

Partner with us and become a member of the bodybuilding-usa.com network of resources!!

Promote your product and services to thousands of fitness enthusiasts across the country.

Partnership includes co-branding opportunities, directory listing on bodybuilding-usa.com app and social media promotions. All targeted to a customer base that wants to better themselves mentally and physically.

Let’s make the world a healthier place one partnership at a time!!!

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