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Key note:

All tools and products within this application are intended to be baseline starting points for athletes. The autogenerated plans are not replacements for prep plans prepared by your coach/trainer. Everyone's body is unique and responds differently to various training and nutrition plans. Your coach/trainer will have their own unique methods for achieving your goals. Place your trust in your coach/trainer, as that is what you pay them for.

The Plan

All functionality revolves around the concept of a “Macro Plan” or “Prep Plan”. These two terms are used interchangeably in the application. A macro/prep plan consists of your target calories and macro nutrients based on your goal of reducing, maintaining or gaining weight. Each of your Macro/Prep plans will have a unique ID that is associated to your account. This unique pland ID is what ties the various entitites within the application together and allows the client and coach to share information related to the plan.

Macro Calculator

Navigation: Home >> Nutrition >> Macro Calculator

Use the Macro Calculator feature to calculate your target calories and macros for your “plan”. On the Macro Calculator page you can click a button and it will auto-generate your “Plan” based on your calculator results. On the calculator page you can adjust the output to customize your plan based on your coaches preferences or your diet preferences of standard 40/40/30, keto, high carb or low carb etc. You can also edit/modify your plan at anytime to fit your needs based on your results and progress.

Macro Plan / Prep Plan

Navigation: Home >> Nutrition >> Macro Plan

A “Macro Plan” has a specified end date. For instance if you are using the Plan feature to prep for a show you would input contest ABC and the end date would be the show date. For general app usage you can create an open ended Macro Plan and name it “General Plan” or “Off season plan” or “Summer Bod” plan and use it indefinitely to use as your target macros.

For each of your plans you name a coach by keying in your coaches username/login name in the coach email field. (Your user name is your email, same for your coach. Your coach must have a user account. That is how they will access your plan information in the app.). If you do not have a coach then use your login email as the coach email and your plan data will not be viewable by anyone in the system other than you. You can always change or delete your coach assignment and they will not be able to access any of your plan information.

Macro Log

Navigation: Home >> Nutrition >> Macro Log

The macro log feature is what you use to track your nutrition consumption. On the log entry page you search for a food item and select the meal number, quantity and measurement (grams, ounces, cup, tablespoon etc). This will log your calories and macros for that item.

Future feature: Saving a favorites list to choose from so you don’t have to search for an item each time you want to log a favorite food or meal.

Future feature: Entering multiple items at once in the context of a meal. Example: 1 cup cooked brown rice, 6 oz chicken, 1/2 cup bell peppers, 1 TBS olive oil. You will be able to input that once and save it as a favorites meal to have readily accessible instead of logging each individual item.

Input Macros

Navigation: Home >> Nutrition >> Macro Log >> Input Macros

From the Macros Log you can click on the Input Macros and manually enter your macros for a meal or the day. This is useful if you track your food log in an external app or if a food item does not exist in the USDA food search database.

Daily Log

Navigation: Home >> Nutrition >> Macro Log >> Daily Log

Access this page to view your food log for the day and see how your macros are tracking compared to your goals.

Log History (currently being redesigned with new chart features)

Navigation: Home >> Nutrition >> Macro Log >> Daily Log >> Log History

Access this page to visualize how your nutrition consumption has been in comparison to your target plan macros over a specified period of time.

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